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Havtornsauce til risalamande

Sea buckthorn sauce for rice salamander

So it's finally here, our new sea buckthorn sauce. It is perfectly suited for rice salamanders and we have received fantastic feedback. Some claim it beats even the best cherry sauce... but try it yourself.

sea ​​buckthorn sauce for rice salamander

You will need:

2 dl 100% sea buckthorn juice

the juice of an orange

140g of sugar

2 tablespoons light rum

1 cinnamon stick

1 whole star anise

3 whole cardamoms

The whole thing is slowly heated in a small pan, very low heat for 20-30 min.

Now stir in 1.5-2 tablespoons of cornstarch for approx. 0.5 dl water and smooth the sauce until you think it has the right consistency. Take up all the spices so it doesn't get too strong.

It can be made the day before you need to use it. Store it in the fridge and warm it before serving.

It's hard to say how many it will serve, as hard as with cherry sauce. But this recipe makes approx. 3.5 dl and then it is probably mostly about knowing your guests.