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Tours and Events

Biscuits with cheese and sea buckthorn jam

Culture week - food culture:

Is sea buckthorn HOT or NOT, judge for yourself:

HØSTET invite you to a sea buckthorn tasting, where you will either be confirmed that sea buckthorn is as fantastic a raw material as you think or we will dispel your prejudice that sea buckthorn is a sour berry that chefs and food manufacturers try to sneak into almost everything. 

You will taste a number of different drinks with sea buckthorn, sea buckthorn beer, schnapps, slushie, gin, liqueur, 100% juice and sea buckthorn leaf tea. Occasionally, different crackers with cheese and sea buckthorn and sea buckthorn cake are served. 

While we taste, both Camilla and Mads talk about HØSTET's experiences with sea buckthorn, food culture and collaborations on Bornholm and a little about what it's like to move the family from Kbh. to Bornholm. 

Time 16/9, at 14.30-16.00 at Fløjlegård, Ibskervej 34, 3730 Nexø.

Registration is required and you will find the registration link HERE

If you have any questions, please feel free to email us at


Open Agriculture in collaboration with Agriculture & Food:

On Sunday 17/9 we look forward to welcoming you to Fløjlegård in connection with Open Farming. There will be guided tours and some tastings.

And if you want to join the tour, you can register via the link HERE

We are looking forward to seeing you.


Tours and events for private individuals at Fløjlegård

Mads shows the sea buckthorn plants We have long had tours of the sea buckthorn plantation in connection with our summer event 'Drinks på landet', which takes place every Friday at 15-17 from week 26 up to and including week 33.
There will be lots of talk and stories about sea buckthorn and there is an opportunity for some tastings, as well as of course hunting for sea buckthorn delicacies in the farm shop.
Registration is not necessary and it is free.
Tour for companies and tourist groups:
Tour of the sea buckthorn plantation We would like to share our enthusiasm for sea buckthorn with you and in this connection offer tours and tastings for smaller (min. 15 pers.) and larger groups.
Here, an appointment must be booked well in advance, because it is well booked with tours during the pre- and post-summer.
Call or write to Mads on mob. 53542124 or , so you will hear more about content, time and price.
Tours for larger groups are always very pleasant.
Everything is ready when you arrive, we try to have both Mads and Camilla present, so there is plenty of opportunity to ask questions and have a chat. Or just to enjoy some peace and quiet in the countryside.
We look forward to welcoming you at Fløjlegård.