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About "Høstet"

HØSTET is about sea buckthorn. About clean ingredients and good taste. We are innovative and curious about the sea buckthorn universe, and strive to utilize as much of the berry and bush as possible. HØSTET is also about life in the countryside, the good experiences, about sharing knowledge and cooperation.
The name HØSTET says something about the raw material with which we produce our products, it is always HARVESTED with us.

In 2009, we, Camilla and Mads Meisner, moved from Gentofte to Bornholm, to establish Denmark's first organic sea buckthorn plantation. We established the first part of our sea buckthorn plantation in 2010 and it consists of 450 plants. Today, the plantation has expanded to approx. 3500 bushes. The plantation is grown organically, and we got our authorization in May 2013. Food production started in 2014, and today includes more than 10 different sea buckthorn products. We harvest our sea buckthorn ourselves, cut branches, freeze, knock off berries and leaves, sort berries and produce in our own production kitchen at Fløjlegård in Ibsker.

Mads and Camilla in the sea buckthorn plantation

We produce quality products, and are therefore very careful about when and how we harvest our sea buckthorn. We taste the berries throughout the season in order to start the harvest at the right time and the branches that are harvested are frozen immediately after cutting. The high content of oil in sea buckthorn means that the berry can start to go rancid if it is not frozen immediately after harvesting and this can lead to a rather bad taste. It doesn't take many bad berries to spoil an entire production, so we go to great lengths to avoid that.

In addition to our own HØSTET products, we collaborate with a number of other Bornholm and Danish producers who know something special in their field. We have, among other things, made an organic sea buckthorn beer in collaboration with Small Batch Brewery. Our sea buckthorn schnapps is distilled at Wild Distillery and our sea buckthorn soap is from Bornholms Sæbesyderi. Both of the island's distilleries use sea buckthorn in several of their products and we are incredibly happy about these collaborations.

We attach great importance to local collaborations, both because it's great when we can help lift each other up and tell each other's story and that makes our everyday life more fun. But also because we want to help give the island's guests an authentic experience.

HØSTET started with a mission to teach the Danes about sea buckthorn. Today, our mission is to challenge the Danes and the many foreign guests in our farm shop, in the many possible uses that sea buckthorn offers.

HØSTET is a member of Gourmet Bornholm - an association of Bornholm producers and eateries that works to promote the development and sale of quality food on Bornholm and in the rest of Denmark.