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Havtorn Mimosa - opskrift

Seabuckthorn Mimosa - recipe

Our take on a Nordic mimosa
Mimosa with sea buckthorn
  • Pour 1-2 tbsp. sweet sea buckthorn juice in a tall champagne glass. How much sea buckthorn juice you put in depends a little on how big the glass is and how sweet you want it.
  • Top up with cold Cava or Prosecco and you have a delicious welcome or brunch drink with a touch of sunshine.
  • Tip: if you pour in the sea buckthorn juice first and then fill with wine, by holding a spoon just above the juice and pouring the wine over it, you can make the juice and wine separate. It looks great when served and you can stir and mix your drink yourself, so you don't end up with the whole 'dessert'.

Our sea buckthorn mimosa is probably a bit reminiscent of a Buck's Fizz, which is very similar to a mimosa, but with a slightly different ratio between fruit juice and wine. However, I think most champagne cocktails with fruit juice are best known as mimosas regardless of the ratio of wine to juice.