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Glutenfri æblekage med havtorn

Gluten-free apple cake with sea buckthorn

The recipe for this sea buckthorn apple cake is the only one you need. It is spongy and crispy at the same time, sour and sweet and both children and adults love it. It can be enjoyed plain with a cup of tea or you can eat it with some creme fraiche or whipped cream and go to cake heaven.

Gluten-free apple cake with sea buckthorn
There will be approx. 8 pieces.
You will need:

200 g soft butter
250g cane sugar
4 eggs
50g rice flour
50g buckwheat flour
50g cornmeal
75g almond flour (I blend almonds)
1 teaspoon baking powder
50g 100% organic sea buckthorn juice
3 sour eating apples, e.g. Belle de Boskoop)
1.5 tbsp dried sea buckthorn flakes

3-4 tbsp. brown cane sugar
1 teaspoon cinnamon
Here's how you do it:

Stir the soft butter and sugar together well. Add one egg at a time and stir well between each egg. Mix the dry ingredients well and carefully fold it into the dough. Put the dough in a greased cake tin/spring form and spread it out in an even layer.

Peel the apples, remove the core and cut them into wedges. Press them down a little into the cake batter, it should probably rise above, so you don't need to press them all the way down. Sprinkle sea buckthorn over the cake and also press them down a little so they don't burn.
Mix cane sugar and cinnamon and sprinkle it over the cake.

Bake it at 150 degrees hot air for approx. 40 min. The baking time may vary slightly, perhaps up to an hour, depending on the oven and it may be necessary to cover with loose tin foil during the process if it starts to get too dark.

Let it cool a little and serve it with creme fraiche, whipped cream or ice cream.