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Solskins package

kr 300,00

We have made a delicious sunshine package for you.

It consists of everything you need if you want to add a little 'sunshine' to your autumn drinks, because our sweet sea buckthorn juice can be enjoyed in a Gin & Tonic or a glass of Cava. Of course, you can also simply drink it mixed with water or sparkling water.

Our sour juice, the one that is 100% sea buckthorn, you can bake the most beautiful sea buckthorn cakes with, use in your cooking instead of lemon or take a small fresh shot of it every morning. It can also be used in cocktails and it is almost only the imagination that sets the limit.

2 pcs. of our sea buckthorn jam, one to treat guests to and one for yourself, it's sunshine on the bread and you can easily become addicted to the creamy, sweet and sour taste.

The Solskins package consists of the following products, of course we put some inspiration in the box and otherwise you just have to look under recipes on the website, there are plenty of options.

1 piece. sweet organic sea buckthorn juice, 250ml
1 piece. 100% organic sea buckthorn juice, 250ml
2 pcs. organic sea buckthorn jam, each 140 gr

In the second picture below, you can see some of the things you can make with the products in this package.