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Sea buckthorn juice 100%

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It is 100% organic sea buckthorn juice, nothing else. It is low pasteurized to preserve as much flavor, color and nutrients as possible.

Pure sea buckthorn juice has an intense sour taste and it is fantastic for cooking, sea buckthorn cakes, in smoothies and juices, cocktails, as a little morning shot and then of course our sea buckthorn winter warmer.

Sea buckthorn contains a lot of omega fatty acids and therefore the juice will naturally separate and must be shaken before use.

A little more about sea buckthorn:

There is a huge difference in the quality of sea buckthorn, as it depends on how the berries have been handled from harvest. We grow our sea buckthorn in Ibsker on Bornholm, we harvest ourselves and in this process, we make sure that the berries get frozen, a few hours after they are harvested and once the berries are frozen, they remain that way, during the rest of the handling and sorting, until they are to be included in production or delivered to customers.

We can therefore guarantee that you get a quality product with the same good taste every time.

When the season for sea buckthorn begins, or indeed throughout the summer, we taste the berries. They also taste good when they are green and unripe, but it is the ripe berries that are used for this juice.

With us, it is time for sea buckthorn harvest from the beginning of August and 2-3 weeks onwards, depending on how the summer has been.


If you want inspiration for which cake you can make with our 100% sea buckthorn juice, you can look at the following recipes:

Sea buckthorn mazarin cake

Sea buckthorn chunks

Sea buckthorn tarts with meringue

This is just a small selection and there are many more under recipes .

Try e.g. our sea buckthorn cream, which is a fantastically delicious alternative to a vanilla cream. We use it for medals with sea buckthorn and it is also sea buckthorn cream that is on top of the small marzipan tarts with sea buckthorn. There are several people who have tried using it in a traditional layer cake, where it also works well.

So sea buckthorn cream and sea buckthorn glaze are both very good options when you want to give a nice sour kick to a sweet cake. Sea buckthorn glaze is made by using sea buckthorn juice together with icing sugar instead of water.

Tips: If you don't use it within 3-4 weeks of opening, pour the rest into an ice cube tray and freeze it for later use.
Sea buckthorn juice
Contents: Organic sea buckthorn juice
Net content: 250 ml.
Keep refrigerated after opening.

Nutritional content per 100g:
Energy 222KJ/53kcal, Fat, total 3.0 g, of which saturated fatty acids 0.98 g, Carbohydrate 5.8 g, of which sugars 2.5 g, Protein 0.71 g, Salt less than 3 mg