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Sea buckthorn jam, 140 G

kr 65,00

HØSTET's sea buckthorn jam is organic and consists only of sea buckthorn and organic sugar, as well as a little pectin, and you get the pure taste of sea buckthorn.

It is deliciously creamy and slightly sour with lots of flavour. The marmalade is cooked in small batches, which helps to keep the cooking time down and preserve the beautiful color and fresh taste.

It is perfectly natural to enjoy with good cheese, on a piece of bread or a pancake, and it is good on yogurt or ice cream.

As something very special for a jam, it is also good with cabbage, the sweet sourness of the jam works well with the bitterness of the cabbage.

When we have guests in the farm shop, which is open from Easter to autumn, it is of course possible to taste the marmalade if you don't already know it.

When we have larger groups visiting, e.g. companies, associations or tourist groups who have booked tours and tastings in advance, we serve, among other things, also local crackers with cheese and our own sea buckthorn jam on top. It has become a kind of signature tasting with us. And we hope you like them. They can very easily be copied at home, as a small afternoon snack.

Use it on the bread and much more:

Although it is most often our pure sea buckthorn juice that is used in our recipes, there are also some pieces with sea buckthorn jam.

You can e.g. watch:

Sea buckthorn slices

Panna Cotta with sea buckthorn

Norseman Sour Cocktail

Or you can go hunting in some of our other recipes with sea buckthorn and let yourself be inspired.

The jam keeps well in the fridge after opening, 2-3 weeks in the fridge if you are careful to use a clean spoon each time you take something from the jar.

If you have been out harvesting sea buckthorn yourself and would like to try your hand at making your own jam, you can stretch the sea buckthorn a bit by mixing with e.g. apples or pears, which taste great together with sea buckthorn.

We have chosen to cook our sea buckthorn jam without seeds and skin, and here you can try it out to see what works best for you.

We are often asked when it is season for sea buckthorn and it depends a little on the variety, and we can only recommend that you taste the berries. Sea buckthorn can be eaten both unripe and ripe, but the ripe ones are best suited for jam. And we recommend that you don't wait too long to harvest. Sea buckthorn is best while it still has plenty of acid and freshness and before the fruit oil starts to turn rancid and give a bad taste. We ourselves harvest our sea buckthorn here on Bornholm from early to mid-August and 2-3 weeks later, and then we harvest our late variety a little later in September.

The sea buckthorn jam is made from 56g. sea ​​buckthorn per 100g. Total sugar content 51g. per 100g.
Contents: organic sea buckthorn 56%, organic sugar, thickener: pectin. Keep refrigerated after opening. Net content 140g.

Nutritional content per 100g g., Energy 902KJ/213kcal, Fat, total 2.1g, of which saturated fatty acids 0.74g, Carbohydrate 48g, of which sugars 47.8g, Protein 0.54g, Salt 12mg