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Organic sea buckthorn leaf tea, bag

kr 80,00
This is a lovely, mild and well-balanced tea made from the leaves of our organic sea buckthorn bushes on Bornholm. The taste can be compared to a white or green tea, without any kind of bitterness.
You can adjust the strength by letting the tea steep for a shorter or longer time. We enjoy it both cold or hot, for breakfast, brunch or a wonderful cup of evening tea.
I myself think it tastes best when it has steeped for 10 minutes and our daughter, Anna, loves that she can leave the tea bag in the water for as long as she wants without the tea becoming bitter.
The leaves are air-sorted and gently dried. There may still be small branches or a thorn left between the leaves and they are just a natural part of the tea and have no effect on the taste.
This tea is the first in a tea series that all have a base in our sea buckthorn leaves.
This tea also comes in a delicious tin can, with an extra aroma lid, and you can make around 25 cups of tea with the tea in each this bag or can.
We hope you will enjoy it as much as we do.
Contents: dried organic sea buckthorn leaves, 40g