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Beauty Cream, 50 ml

kr 369,00
It has been specially developed to effectively support the skin's own healing mechanisms. It deeply nourishes, protects and promotes a healthy complexion. The gentle herbal extracts and vitamin-rich oils have a noticeable smoothing effect on unevenness in the skin and have a calming effect on redness and irritation. Vitamin E and sea buckthorn, minimizes fine lines and wrinkles.
The skin is left perfectly saturated and soft.
This face cream is our personal favorite and comes with our warmest recommendations. Several of us have become addicted to it and it works both for young skin and more mature skin. We are actually 3 generations who are happy with it.

Use a spatula and use approx. 1 ml. per lubrication. Massage the cream into the facial skin and possibly the eye area. Can be used under make-up.

Mette, who is behind BETTES, is trained in biomedical laboratory science and has vast knowledge and lots of experience with herbs and their properties.

Beauty Cream is preserved with aspen bark extract and potassium mineral, i.e. that it is naturally preserved. The cream has been tested and approved in a laboratory, but is more delicate than conventional creams, and it is therefore important that you follow these guidelines: Start using the cream when it is opened and use it within a period of 3 months. Store the cream at room temperature at most, preferably cooler and avoid exposing it to major temperature changes. Store it dry and make sure the lid is on immediately after use.

Use with clean and dry fingers or a spatula.

Test the cream on a small patch of skin before using it all over the face.